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Nassau County Movers


As the slightly smaller suburban county on Long Island, Nassau County still boasts a population of well over a million. With large residential areas and many businesses, our Nassau County moving company has been performing successful relocations in the area for many decades. Certified Van manages both residential and commercial relocations, regardless of the size of your household or office. We pride ourselves on serving our local business' relocation needs with efficiency and expediency, whether you're a small office of a few or a large corporation of a few hundred. Our Nassau County movers are also well-versed in all aspects of employee transfers and relocations, whether you're sending a few people across the country or an entire department across an ocean. Our Nassau moving company provides cost-effective solutions that are tailored around our customers' unique requirements to always guarantee that each one of our relocation's individual needs is met with ease.

Nassau County Moving Services

  • Residential Movers: With a population of over a million, and with most of the county being comprised of residential areas the Nassau County movers have plenty of experience in moving large family homes and single apartments.
  • Commercial Movers: We can move your entire office, including cubicles and printers. Then we can reassemble all of the components of your office furniture and electronics upon arrival at your new destination.
  • International Movers: The Nassau County movers will transport your belongings by truck, air or sea to make sure your home's belongings arrive in a timely and secure manner.
  • Storage: To make storing your business' excess supplies easy we can pick up the items at your office and deliver them to your storage unit.
  • Specialized Movers: Treat your hardwood piano with care. The Nassau county specialized movers have received training and years of experience in the proper packing and delivery procedures of any type of piano.

Nassau County Moving Company

With high-security storage facilities to supplement our Nassau County moving company, we provide many customized solutions for our current customers' storage needs. Offering both short-term and long-term options, our storage facilities are secured and the perfect resolution to any of your repository needs while moving. Our Nassau County movers have extensive experience in all aspects of relocation, whether your belongings are staying local or moving long distance or internationally. All of our Nassau movers are extensively trained and screened to ensure that they are the best fit for Certified Transportation Group and our customers. Backed by our advanced fleet of vehicles, modern technology, trained professionals and status as a trusted agent of Atlas Van Lines, we are the Nassau County moving company that has proven expertise built by over 70 years of experience.


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