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Our storage services in Long Island offer the perfect solution to your residential or commercial relocation needs. Our storage solutions are designed for current customers that need storage space for a temporary amount of time while relocating from one destination to another. Our Long Island storage options are easy to learn about and even simpler to coordinate. Just let your move coordinator know that you are considering storage facilities during or after your relocation and he or she will custom-build several storage solutions for you, based on your individual needs.

Our Long Island storage solutions provide the safety essential for your belongings while our trained professionals offer the expertise needed to help you best choose what options are right for you during your move. Storage services in Long Island are offered to all customers being moved or relocated. No one provides the storage solutions that Certified Van can: Our customers feel safe knowing that their possessions are protected and we are always searching for new, innovative ways to best service them.

Storage Facilities

Our state-of-the-art storage facilities provide short-term or long-term relief for customers that need an interim space for some or all of their belongings while they get settled in a new place. Our Long Island storage facility is backed by additional locations in Islandia and Danbury, as well as 400 additional facilities that we have access to throughout the country as Atlas Van Lines agents. Our storage services in Long Island include fire- and theft-protected facilities throughout the region that are equipped to house all of your belongings, regardless of value. You can be confident that no matter where in the world you are going, Certified Van offers the support system needed for an organized, efficient move.

Storage Services

If you need your household or commercial storage goods stored, contact Certified Van to take safe care of your items. Give us a call at (888) 637-9834 or fill out a request for quote on our website for a free moving quote


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