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New York Lab and Medical Equipment Movers

Hospital remodel?  Huge shipment of the latest lab technology?  The Long Island medical equipment movers can make your transition seamless, both for your place of work and your sanity.  Don't try to experiment with moving the items yourself, let the lab moving specialists at the Certified Van transport all of your goods.

We have specially trained laboratory movers who know the science behind moving a single freezer to a full lab.  Your equipment is expensive and valuable to you.  Our laboratory movers can properly handle your high-powered microscopes, glass slides, centrifuges and even your corrosive materials.

If your lab is being relocated or if it's being remodeled you can call upon us to be there for your moving and storage needs.  Or if you ordered hundreds of beakers and test tubes, and the company is unable to deliver, we can pick-up and drop-off your important supplies.

Hospital Moving Services

Our healthcare movers can be trusted by your hospital to move cumbersome medical equipment across the medical campus or to a satellite campus.  No matter if the location is near or far the hospital movers at the Certified Van can handle the transport of your medical goods.

From large x-ray machines to heart monitoring systems our Long Island medical equipment movers can ship it.  Call us today at 631-709-8400 for a moving estimate.  We'll let you take care of the patients, while we take care of the medical equipment.


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