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Records Management

Our secure records storage facility is well-equipped to manage your sensitive documents and personal paperwork. With facilities in Islandia and Danbury, Certified Van is the Long Island records management company that you can trust for organized, efficient safeguarding of all of your belongings, including important records and document management. All of our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art protection systems to ensure safety to our document storage areas against outside elements. Our Long Island record storage team has many systems in place to keep all of our customers' paperwork neatly organized and accessible to you when needed. From medical records to employee files or tax or banking paperwork, Certified Van manages all of your secure records storage needs with assured confidence and discretion.

Records Management Services

Whether you're a business that has several batches of important paperwork but need space in the office for your continued operations or you're a homeowner that wants your sensitive documents kept secured while showing your home, Certified Van manages it all. Our Long Island record storage professionals handle all of your documents with care and coordination. Keeping your important records and paperwork in an organized manner for access on an as-needed basis has never been simpler. We tailor our solutions around your unique household or business needs, so you are guaranteed accountability and communication in all of your document storage requirements. Whether you need to house a single box of important documents or you have several vaults of sensitive paperwork, we have the cutting edge combination of experience and advanced facilities to meet every Long Island records storage need.

So when you need more office storage, trust Certified Transportation to store all your documents and records. Call us today to learn more about our services!


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